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September 3, 2001


Wouldn't it be nice if astrology can tell us when someone might be a control freak so we can save ourselves from getting involved with such a person before it is too late?


We are now in luck because with Magi Astrology, we can do that.  When you master Magi Astrology, you can tell if a relationship between any two persons would be severely one-sided such that one of the persons would have an unhealthy, or even dangerous, level of influence and control over the other person.


Think of how useful such information is.  You can help save someone from a disastrous relationship.


We all know of someone who is in a bad relationship and cannot seem to get out of it.  Most such cases involve lovers.  But it can also be between "friends" or business partners.  For example, almost all parents have had to deal with a situation where someone has a very bad influence over their child.  Whether it is a lover or a child, it has always been a problem whenever a selfish person is able to impose his/her will on another person.


Why do some people have a scary amount of control over others?  And what can you do about it?


The answers have always been in the stars!  And Magi Astrology finally lets you know the answers!


The Magi Society has discovered the astrological reasons why some people have an unhealthy level of control over another person.  Even more important, we have learned how to help correct the problem.


The answers are always in the stars and with Magi Astrology, you actually can read the language of the stars and find out the answers.


We explain how to understand the stars in our third book (entitled Magi Astrology: the Key to Success in Love and Money).  In order to understand about relationships like the one between Condit and Levy, we have to learn three new concepts in astrology.  These new concepts are called SATURN PERSON, SATURN BALANCE and PASSIVE PERSON.  They are all explained in our book but we will give you a summary here.





A Saturn Person is the person that contributes the Saturn to an interaspect.  To help you understand this better, we will use the example of Bill Clinton and Paula Jones.  Below is a CAC of Bill Clinton and Paula Jones.   The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Clinton was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Paula Jones was born.



Paula Jones’ Saturn is quincunx to Bill Clinton’s Sun so she is the Saturn Person of that Saturn Clash. Bill Clinton is the PASSIVE PERSON of this clash (new term not given in our books but used regularly in the interpretations generated by our software).  The Saturn Person always can have a strong influence in the life of the Passive Person. That has certainly been the case with Jones and Clinton.  Especially since in Paula's case, she is a double Saturn Person because she is also the Saturn Person of a Saturn to Jupiter Clash.  (The orb is just over the 3 degrees we normally use but because this Clash is part of Symmetrical Combined Planetary Geometry, the orb can be expanded to 4 degrees.  We explain this in our book.)


A Saturn Person can choose how to exercise the influence he/she has over the Passive Person.  The Saturn Person can use the power to help the Passive Person, or to harm and take advantage of the Passive Person, or anything in between.  Most often, it is a little bit of all of these possibilities so some harm is likely, even if the Saturn Person does not mean any harm.  That is why we do not advise anyone to get involved with someone if he/she is the Passive Person in a Saturn interaspect, especially if the interaspect is a clash.  Only the wisest and most giving persons can be the Saturn Person and be truly helpful to the Passive Person.  We explain this on pages 359-361 of Magi Astrology: the Key to Success in Love and Money.


So now, finally, though the MAGIcal lens of Magi Astrology, you can understand the astrological reasons why a young clerk earning about $13 thousand a year could almost topple one of the most popular Presidents of recent times.  It was because she was the Saturn Person, two-fold, and Clinton was the Passive Person, two-fold, and the Saturn Person can always exert influence over the Passive Person.




Before we go on, we should explain Saturn Balance, which we do below:


A SATURN INTERASPECT is any interaspect that is formed between Saturn and another planet. Every Saturn interaspect has a Saturn Person and the other person is the Passive Person.  Quite often, two persons will form two Saturn interaspects and each person is the Saturn Person because each contributes Saturn to one of the Saturn interaspects that they form.  In such a case, there is what we refer to as SATURN BALANCE.  We choose this term because there is balance between the influences of the two persons on each other.  Saturn Balance can be quite helpful in a romantic relationship but only if there is true love between the two persons.  If and only if there is true love, then the two persons can help improve each other.  But it is well to note that in the research of the Magi Society, we have found that even with Saturn Balance, the relationship is more likely to be challenging than it is likely to be serene or smooth.




Now that we have learned about the Saturn Person and Passive Person, we can see why Gary Condit could be such a control freak with Chandra Levy.  The infamous affair between Gary Condit and Chandra Levy is a perfect example of how useful Magi Astrology can be in analyzing a relationship.  Their affair is a very famous example of a bad relationship where one person had excessive control over another.





In the past, the Magi Society has refrained from making public our judgements about any relationship. But we are both appalled and angered by hypocritical jerks like Gary Condit who prey on young trusting women just to get their own selfish kicks.  Just think about it -- Condit would tell his women that they must keep their relationship completely secret from anyone and cannot even carry any ID on them whenever they would meet.  The only way any of Condit's mistresses were allowed to try to call him was to just leave a message at a telephone number.  This number was always answered by voice mail -- there was not even a message from Condit on the "voice" mail; when you called the number, all you got was just a mechanical beep.  After leaving a message, the poor mistress would have to wait for Condit to call back.  Is this any way to have a "romance?"  Of course not.  So why did Condit's women agree to these humiliating terms and conditions that Condit dictated?


We do not know the birth dates of the other Condit mistresses, but Chandra Levy's birth date is well known.  Below is a CAC of Condit and Levy.  The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Levy was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Condit was born.




What kind of Linkages and Clashes can result in a woman being willing to enter into this type of relationship?  -- one that can end only in heartbreak?


The answer is: exactly the kind that Levy and Condit had.  Here are their most important Clashes and Linkages:


Condit's Saturn linked to Levy's Neptune and Condit's Saturn made a Clash with Levy's Mercury. The Magi Society offers its members special software that interprets every important Linkage and Clash.  As an example of how accurate these interpretations are, here is how our software helps you to interpret this Saturn-Neptune Linkage --


Levy is the Passive Person of this linkage and Condit is the Saturn Person. Instead of attraction, this linkage creates a bond that is more like a ball and chain. The position of Condit's Saturn in this linkage provides him with an unusual level of control over Levy in every area of her life. Some of the characteristics of this linkage are that Levy will feel an unusually high degree of loyalty toward Condit and will fail to see all of Condit's faults. It is even possible for Condit to be a corrupting influence on Levy. Unless there is Saturn Balance between Levy and Condit, this linkage can result in a one-sided relationship where Levy would be a controlled person unable to exercise her own free will, while Condit runs the show.


Condit and Levy also form a very bad Clash.  It is the Venus-Neptune Clash and we have labeled it in the above CAC as a Super Clash. Here is how our software helps you to interpret that Clash:


HERE TODAY, GONE TOMORROW. THIS PERSON CAN BE A COSTLY EXPERIENCE FOR YOU. This is a bad clash and can result in bitterness between Condit and Levy. This clash is often a sign of a very financially costly, and emotionally draining, relationship. Very little that Condit and Levy do together works out.


(If you are not one of our members who have our Interpretation Software, you probably do not believe that such accurate interpretations are possible.  But if you are a member with our Interpretation Software, you know that our interpretations are as good as these examples imply.)


Condit and Levy also formed a Sexual Linkage and a Cinderella Linkage.  This makes sense because unless there is very strong attraction, they would not have gotten together in the first place.


We are writing this link in order to help those of you who are women and who want to make sure you are never taken advantage of.  The best way to begin is to get our third book.  Once you have read our book, you will probably be interested in membership in the Magi Society so you can buy our software with Interpretation Upgrades. If you are already interested in joining, please click here and send us an email.


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