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July 30, 2003



Below are the most important details of the relationship of a super famous Hollywood romance - but we left out their names.  Can you guess which couple we are describing?  Their CAC is below but the names and further details about the couple are given in a link that you can click on at the bottom of this page.


We invite you to see if you can guess who the following famous couple is:



For now, we will refer to the man of the mystery couple as "George" and the woman as "Martha."


Martha and George were both famous actors.  Martha had an overwhelming crush on George from watching his movies. George was married with children.  But that did not discourage Martha.  Quite the contrary, Martha convinced herself she could win George because it was well known that George had already cheated on his wife by having a torrid, though short, affair with another famous actress.  So Martha decided to make her move.  She convinced her producer to hire George to play the male lead opposite her in her next film.  This way, Martha would not only have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with George; she would also be able to do the movie's love scenes with him.


Martha was right in one big way.  Shortly after they met, they became lovers.  But Martha did not get what she must have hoped for.  Although Martha and George had a lifelong romance, it was a lifelong affair and became one of Hollywood's best kept secret romances and George never divorced his wife.


When their affair finally became public, the affair was widely viewed as scandalous!  Their romance spanned three decades and did not end until he died.  During all those years, George and Martha stayed in the shadows, never appearing in public together.  For all those years, George told lies to his family, and sneaked around. For all those years, neither George nor Martha could feel what it was like to have a normal love relationship without fear of being exposed. 


Believe it or not, some now view this as a love story.  Maybe it was but it certainly was not a Cinderella story.  It was much more a Heartbreak story.  In a Cinderella romance, a man and woman fall in love, marry and live together happily for the world to see and this was simply not the case. 



Below is the CAC of this super famous couple.  The woman's planets are in black and the man's planets are in red.





Please click here to find out the names and birth dates of this super famous couple, and to read much more about them.   



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