This is the time in the life of every woman when she can become Cinderella. Learn how to recognize and take advantage of your Cinderella Time by studying Magi Astrology!

In each woman's life, there is a period of time reserved by the stars when she is meant to meet her very own Prince Charming, fall in love, marry and actually live happily ever after. It is during her Cinderella Time that a woman is most enchanting, intriguing and desirable. By studying Magi Astrology, you can learn how to recognize the times when your Cinderella Gateway appears in your own life so that you can take full advantage of it to fulfill your romantic dreams. The secrets to recognizing your Cinderella Time are explained in the Magi Society's third book, MAGI ASTROLOGY: THE KEY TO SUCCESS IN LOVE AND MONEY. For those of you who do not yet have the book, here is an outline of how to read the rhythm of the stars and know when the stars will open your Cinderella Gateway.


The key to Cinderella is CHIRON! Whenever Chiron makes a MAGICAL ANGLE to your Venus, Jupiter or Neptune, you are at the peak of your Romance Cycle. The same is true when Venus, Jupiter or Neptune makes a Magical Angle to your Chiron. It is at these times that you are most charming, most fascinating and most attractive. During your Cinderella Time, people forgive you for everything, they overlook your faults, you possess your maximum amount of charisma and you are at the peak of your popularity. It is during your Cinderella Time that you are as irresistible as you can possibly be. This is the time that you have the greatest chance of meeting your Prince Charming and falling in love together. But as you must have guessed, your Cinderella Gateway is open only briefly and only a few times in your life. Don't miss it. It is crucial that you take advantage of it whenever it occurs in your own life.

By studying the examples we give you here, you can begin to learn how to recognize the opening of your own Cinderella Gateway so you can walk through it before it closes. In the first example we are giving you, the Prince Charming is a real prince. But of course a man does not have to be a real prince to be your real Prince Charming.


Sophie Rhys-Jones Meets Prince Edward of Great Britain, they Fall in Love and Marry

Sophie is a Cinderella! She is a commoner who married the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain. The wedding occurred on June 19, 1999 and was widely hailed as the wedding of the year. Below is a Magi Astrology chart for the royal wedding. By mastering Magi Astrology, you can understand why June 19, 1999 contained a CELESTIAL SIGN that is was a DAY for a ROYAL WEDDING.

Magi Astrology Chart for June 19, 1999, 6 PM in London:

Royal Wedding

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As fully explained in our three books, Magi Astrology teaches us that the key to understanding each day is to analyze and interpret the most powerful PLANETARY GEOMETRY of the day. On the wedding day, the most important Planetary Geometry is the triangle made by the Sun, Jupiter and Chiron. We have highlighted this triangle with red lines. One reason the triangle is so important is that it is symmetrical, and the Magi Society has discovered that symmetrical patterns in charts are usually the most powerful astrological influences.

In Magi Astrology, we can interpret such symmetrical triangles by combining the meanings (SYMBOLISMS) of the planets that create the Planetary Geometry. Astrologers have long known that each planet has a set of symbolisms. Magi Astrology has a very accurate and reliable set of meanings, or symbolisms, for the planets. By applying Magi Astrology's symbolisms to the Jupiter-Sun-Chiron triangle, we see that it represents a Day for a Royal Wedding. This is because Chiron means weddings and marriages, Jupiter rules royalty, and the Sun symbolizes the day. By combining these meanings, we get a Day for a Royal Wedding. And that is why the wedding took place on that day.

(Of course you have noticed that the above Magi Astrology chart is unlike a normal chart. There are two complete sets of planets. One set of planets is the normal planets around the circle and these planets represent a normal birth chart. But inside the circle, a Magi Astrology chart has a second complete set of planets that represents the positions of the planets in the declinations. There is a line that goes horizontally across the circle; the planets with North declinations are drawn above this line and the planets with South declinations are drawn below this line.)



Magi Astrology helps us to see the future footsteps of our stars. Most importantly, we can tell when we are likely to fall in love, get married and even live happily ever after. Prince Edward and Sophie are our first examples of how to use Magi Astrology in this significant way.

Sophie was born in Oxford on January 20, 1965 and Prince Edward was born in London on March 10, 1964. Sophie first met Prince Edward on July 16, 1993. She began to date him during October of 1993. They fell in love so quickly that they became serious by the Christmas of 1993. We know this because Sophie spent that Christmas with Prince Edward and his parents, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. Amazingly, Magi Astrology explains the timing of all of this because Sophie was in her Cinderella Time when they met, when they fell in love and became serious, and when they married. During each crucial step of the way to becoming a Cinderella, Sophie was in her Cinderella Time and walked through her Cinderella Gateway.

There are about a dozen astrological signs that signal a Cinderella Time. In each case, it is a TRANSIT by Chiron, or a transit to a person's natal Chiron. Here are the six most common signs of a Cinderella Time (each such sign is called a Cinderella Sign):

1. Jupiter making a MAGIcal angle to the natal Chiron (the position of Chiron when the woman is born)
2. Chiron making a MAGIcal angle to the natal Jupiter
3. Venus making a MAGIcal angle to natal Chiron
4. Chiron making a MAGIcal angle to natal Venus
5. Neptune making a MAGIcal angle to natal Chiron
6. Chiron making a MAGIcal angle to natal Neptune

(A MAGIcal angle is a trine, conjunction, quincunx, parallel and contra-parallel made between the positions of any two planets. All of this is fully explained in the Magi Society's third book, MAGI ASTROLOGY: THE KEY TO SUCCESS IN LOVE AND MONEY. You can get the book in most bookstores or through this website.)

By using Magi Astrology, it was possible to predict when Sophie would marry Prince Edward. SOPHIE WAS BLESSED WITH TWO CINDERELLA SIGNS when they married on June 19, 1999. One of these Cinderella Signs was that Chiron was parallel her Neptune. The other Cinderella Sign was that Venus was quincunx her Chiron. Let us illustrate this to help you to understand what we are talking about. Below is a Magi Astrology chart that shows Sophie's birth chart and the positions of the transiting planets on the day she married Prince Edward.

Magi Astrology chart of Sophie Rhys-Jones, with transiting planets for the day she married Prince Edward:

Sophie Rhys-Jones


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If you have not read any of our three books, you may not understand the above chart. Briefly, the black planets represent the positions of Sophie's planets when she was born and are her natal planets. The red planets represent the positions of the planets at the time she married Prince Edward and are the transiting planets.

In the above chart, the planets that create Sophie's two Cinderella Signs are highlighted with connecting lines. There were two Cinderella Signs:

1. When Sophie married Prince Edward, Chiron was almost exactly in the same position as that of Neptune when she was born. The red Chiron is 15.9 degrees in South declinations, and the black Neptune is 16.0 degrees in South declinations. This is one of the most classic signs of a Cinderella Time.

2. Sophie's second Cinderella Sign was made by Venus because it was quincunx (150 degrees) from the position of Chiron when she was born.

CINDERELLA SIGNS (Cinderella Transits) is a tool of Magi Astrology and is revealed in our third book, Magi Astrology: the Key to Success in Love and Money. The precise timing of your marriage can be attained through the knowledge of Magi Astrology provided in the book.

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