February 13, 2008


It is forty-one days since the first presidential primaries in Iowa and Obama and McCain have emerged as presumptive nominees of their parties.  Only Magi Astrology explains why.


In our three books and on our websites, we have revealed that transits and progressions determine how other people view us.  Great transits and progressions help us to appear better than we are and influence people to overlook our fault.  But bad transits and progressions make us look worse than we are and bad transits make people see our faults.


Cinderella Transits and transits by Jupiter are examples of great transits.  Similarly, Cinderella Progressions and progressions by Jupiter are examples of great progressions. 


On the other hand, Heartbreak Transits are Heartbreak Progressions are examples of bad transits and bad progressions.


John McCain is having Cinderella Transits.  When his popularity surged right after the Iowa caucus of January 3, he was having a fabulous Jupiter transit and also several Cinderella Transits.


Barack Obama is having a fabulous Jupiter Progression.  Progressions are more powerful than transits because they last much longer than transits.





Below is a CAC of John McCain showing his great transits on January 8, the day he won the New Hampshire primary.






On the day Senator McCain won the New Hampshire primary, transiting Jupiter was trine his natal Sun, creating a Jupiter Super Transit, and transiting Neptune was trine his natal Chiron, creating a Cinderella Transit.


We know these two transits are very powerful – but was that the whole astrological story?  No it was not.  The most important transits that Senator McCain had were the ones he had in the heliocentric sky.   Below is a CAC of McCain’s heliocentric transits the day he won the New Hampshire primary.






Senator McCain had a Grand Trine made up of Cinderella Transits.  Wow!  It is rare to see such a fabulous set of transits.  They explain what we see in the graph below:




The above graph is from (the best website for those of you who wish to track political polls).  There are six colored lines each of which represent the popularity (according to polls like Gallup, CNN, NBC, etc.).  The graph is for the one year period ending January 6 2008, just before the Jan. 8 New Hampshire primary.  The brownish orange line represents how well McCain was doing in the polls.  Note that McCain surged during the month just before the New Hampshire primary. 


Graphs like the one above are great for astrological research and they show how amazingly well Magi Astrology principles work. 


According to Magi Astrology, we can predict anyone’s popularity by analyzing the person’s transits and progressions.  Traditional astrologers use the houses instead but popularity had NOTHING to do with the houses. 


The above graph is proof Magi Astrology works perfectly on political candidates!  John McCain’s popularity was dramatically increasing as his Cinderella Transits and Jupiter Super Transit were applying.  None of the other candidates had transits that were as good.  The only other candidate that had a surge of popularity was Mike Huckabee.  He was born August 24 1955 and he was having a Jupiter Super Transit during his surge (transiting Jupiter was trine his natal Sun).





For John McCain, his success in the presidential primaries is the result of hard work, good decisions and great transits. 


For Barack Obama, his success in the presidential primaries is the result of hard work, good decisions and great Magi Progressions. 


Magi Progressions are calculated using the same formulae that Traditional Astrology uses to calculate Secondary Progressions (often called Solar Progressions).  However, for hundreds of years, the Magi Society has included Progressed Alignments, as well as Progressed Transits.  According to the principles of Magi Astrology, Progressed Alignments are just as powerful as Progressed Transits and sometimes Progressed Alignments are much more powerful than Progressed Transits.


In Magi Astrology, when a progressed chart contains Symmetrical Planetary Geometry, such as a Grand Trine or T-Square, the Progressed Alignments overpower virtually every other astrological influence.


This is the case with Barack Obama. 


Below is a MagiAstroChart that illustrates Obama’s fabulous Progressed Grand Trine.



Barack Obama was born August 4, 1961, in Hawaii (his exact time of birth is unavailable so we use noon with a time zone of  +10). To calculate his Solar Progressed Chart (one day per year) for today (Feb. 14 2008 – the date of this article) we essentially advanced his natal chart by the same number of days as his age. So Obama’s progressed chart is cast for a little past midnight on September 20, 1961 and the above chart represents Obama’s progressed chart.


Right now, Obama is enjoying a Progressed Alignment of Jupiter and Sun.  This is a Jupiter Super Progression.  Progressions are several times more powerful as the equivalent transit and they last much longer. 


John McCain and Mike Huckabee both surged in popularity when transiting Jupiter made trines to their natal Suns.  Obama is surging in popularity now because he is enjoying a Jupiter trine Sun progressed alignment.


In addition to the Jupiter Sun progressed alignment, Obama is also enjoying a Jupiter trine Ceres progressed alignment.  (In Obama’s progressed chart, Ceres is located at 26.9 degrees in Taurus.) 


Ceres has been available in all Magi Society software programs.  Ceres is the largest asteroid in our solar system and was the first asteroid ever discovered.  It is also the only asteroid that is round.  So Ceres is more like a small planet than an asteroid. 


The Magi Society believes that Ceres has as much astrological influence as a planet and we revealed this ten years ago on our Members Only Website.  Those of you who are members of the Magi Society, especially those who have attended our Certification Workshops, have known for years the Magi Astrology symbolisms for Ceres.  Ceres has very significant symbolisms, but for now, we teach them only to our members.


But it is not necessary to know what the symbolisms of Ceres are in order to know that the Grand Trine in Obama’s progressed chart has awesome power.  This is because all Progressed Grand Trines with Jupiter have awesome power.


When a person is blessed with a Progressed Grand Trine formed by Jupiter and any two other planets, the person is having Super Progressions, will have a surge in popularity and success, and is very “lucky” while the Progression is active.  Nearly everybody views the person in the best possible light and gives the person the benefit of the doubt.


Obama is on an eight primary winning streak; he is beating Hillary Clinton by a 2 to 1 margin in the last eight presidential primaries and caucuses because Obama is being helped by two Jupiter Super Progressions and a Jupiter Progressed Grand Trine.





Again and again, you can see that Magi Astrology is outstandingly accurate without needing an exact time of birth.  This is great because the need for an exact time of birth has hindered astrology for thousands of years.


Step into the 21st century of astrology; we invite you to learn Magi Astrology.  If you study and master the principles of Magi Astrology, you will understand what is happening in your life and the world.


Even better, with the help of Magi Astrology, you can harness the power of the stars to help you fulfill your own dreams.





Magi Astrology is the only form of astrology that actually helps you to improve your life.  With Magi Astrology, you can improve your love life and your career; and you can avoid heartbreaks in both love and business. Even better, Magi Astrology helps you fulfill your dreams, find true love and make more money.  This all may sound like quite an exaggeration but please judge for yourself.  We invite you to a free download of the first 14 chapters of our third book by clicking here.  Reading these chapters is the best way to begin to learn Magi Astrology.





For nearly a decade now, we have been able to consistently use the simple rules of Magi Astrology to explain the important events in the world and the lives of famous people because Magi Astrology Really Works.  This website has hundreds of articles all proving Magi Astrology Really Works.


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