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Case study: Aaron Spelling - born April 22, 1923



August 22, 2006


For 25 years, Aaron Spelling was America’s most prolific and successful television producer.


If you watched television in the 1970’s, 1980’s or the 1990’s, you almost certainly watched at least one of his television shows.  Aaron Spelling was the producer of Dynasty, Charlie’s Angels, Melrose Place, Love Boat, Beverly Hills 90210 and dozens of other TV series as well as over 100 made for television movies.


He was a true Cinderella of television.





The life of Aaron Spelling is a Cinderella story – he was born poor, he had a bad first marriage but found true love and after marrying his second wife, Candy, he became super successful.


He was born in Texas in 1923 as the sixth child of poor Eastern European Jewish immigrants.  His entire 8-member family shared one bathroom. He was physically frail with a small frame and he was bullied as a child.  Virtually penniless when he first arrived in Hollywood, he struggled and worked very hard for nearly ten years with almost nothing to show for it. He was in an oppressive and depressing marriage.  And then the stars changed!  He got divorced; he met Candy and fell in love.  They married and his career took off.  His experience and efforts finally began paying off and he went on a roll – so much so that for about a decade, he had so many prime time TV shows running on ABC network it prompted television critics to nickname ABC “The Aaron Spelling Network.”


Aaron’s dreams came true. We can learn a lot from Aaron Spelling’s life.  But the most important lessons we can learn from someone else’s success story are the ones that help us to fulfill our own dreams. 


That is the strength of Magi Astrology.  With Magi Astrology, we learn how to help ourselves to have the best chance of becoming Cinderella.


From Magi Astrology, we learn that Aaron Spelling had a powerful birth chart and that helped him to become a Cinderella.  But Magi Astrology also teaches us that the most important astrological reason for Spelling’s success is that he married on a perfect astrological day for him to make money in television.

Aaron had a great Marriage Chart. 


There are things we cannot change - we cannot change our birth chart.  But we can choose our Marriage Chart.  And if we are already married, then we can still achieve greater success by choosing a perfect astrological day to begin a job or start a business. 


You can harness the power of the stars by selecting great astrological days to start something very crucial in your life.  Magi Astrology helps you to do it.


That is our message.


Aaron Spelling left an estate of $500 millions when he passed on in June.  This is just one of millions of examples.


Does this mean that the Magi Society believes you can all be as successful as Aaron Spelling?  Not quite – Aaron was “filthy rich” and he had an extraordinary birth chart for making money.  But we believe that just about everyone, no matter how “bad” the birth chart, can achieve enough so that money is not a problem – but in order to do so, we have to natalize crucial events in our lives on perfect astrological days.





In Magi Astrology, we regard Planetary Geometry as the single most valuable criteria to use when we interpret charts and make predictions.


According to the principles of Magi Astrology, certain forms of Planetary Geometry are reliable astrological signs that a person was born with what it takes for spectacular success.


In Magi Astrology, one of the most powerful money-making forms of Planetary Geometry is called the FLYING EAGLE FORMATION.  But it is very rare, and occurs about once in two years.


Aaron Spelling was born on a day when there was an extraordinarily powerful Flying Eagle Formation.  Even more important, it was a GOLDEN Flying Eagle Formation.


Below is a Magi Astrology chart of the day Aaron Spelling was born showing his natal Golden Flying Eagle Formation.




In the above natal chart, Chiron, Uranus, Jupiter and Neptune create the Flying Eagle Formation. As you can see in the above chart, the figure drawn by connecting lines between the positions of those four planets looks a lot like the large elongated wings of an eagle.  And of course that is why the Magi Society, hundreds of years ago in China, gave this formation that name.


One reason the Flying Eagle is so powerful is that there are four Magical Angles in the Flying Eagle – two trines and two quincunxes.


When you examine it closely, you will realize that the Flying Eagle Formation is really comprised of two Mystical Triangles – in this case one Mystical Triangle is formed by Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter and the other one is formed by Neptune Uranus and Jupiter.


We already have learned a little about how powerful a single Mystical Triangle is – the Flying Eagle has two Mystical Triangles working together in unison.


But Aaron Spelling’s Flying Eagle is an extraordinary Flying Eagle because it includes a Cinderella Aspect – he has a trine of Chiron and Neptune.  When the aspects that create a Flying Eagle include a Cinderella Aspect, then the entire Flying Eagle formation really flies like an eagle when it comes to making money and we call it a Golden Flying Eagle.


As detailed in our third book, in Magi Astrology, we can interpret the meaning of any Planetary Geometry formations.  If the Planetary Geometry is comprised entirely (or mainly) of Magical Angles, we can interpret the Planetary Geometry by combining and integrating the Magi symbolisms of the planets that create the Planetary Geometry.  Therefore, we easily and correctly know that Aaron’s Golden Flying Eagle represents Super (Jupiter) Cinderella (Chiron trine Neptune) in television (Uranus). 


[Editor’s note: We must stress here that if you were to use non-Magi symbolisms, you would be lost when trying to interpret any Planetary Geometry.  For example, if you use current Popular Astrology’s symbolisms, you would interpret Aaron’s Spelling’s Flying Eagle as: Wounded (Chiron), confused (Neptune), independent (Uranus) and lucky (Jupiter).  Is it possible to be wounded and confused and also lucky?  We do not think so.  The symbolisms of Popular Astrology do not integrate well. But Magi Astrology’s symbolisms do, and they are original and creative, and the most accurate symbolisms.  The Magi Society has copyrighted them.]





Many many times, we have received emails asking us how do we explain that people born the same day end up with vastly different lives.  We answered this question in our third book – but let us use Aaron Spelling as an example and explain why he was more successful than others who were born the same day.  To understand the answer, we must first understand NATALIZATION.


Whenever we do something for the first time, we give birth to an astrological chart that represents what we just did – the Magi Society calls this process NATALIZATION. 


This means that every bank account we have ever opened has an astrological chart.  Every time we meet someone for the first time, we create an astrological chart of the new relationship.  Every time we open a new credit card account, we create a new astrological chart.  Every lease we sign has its own astrological chart.  Indeed everything we ever buy has its own astrological chart.  Every job we ever had has an astrological chart.


And all these charts have an influence on our lives.  Every new chart you natalize changes the direction of your life.


We believe that if two persons who were born essentially with the same astrological chart (astrological twins) were to natalize all the most important events in their lives at the same time, they would essentially lead very similar lives.  But that never happens.







So the reason Aaron Spelling is the only super successful TV producer that was born on his birth date is that everyone else born that day did things differently and natalized different charts.


[Also, your parents’ marriage charts are important with respect to the decisions you make in your life.  For example, Bill Gates’ parents must have been married on an extraordinarily powerful day in order for their marriage to produce America’s wealthiest citizen.]


In order to be super successful, you must natalize the most crucial events in your life on perfect astrological days.  For example, Bill Gates started Microsoft Corporation on a perfect astrological day for making money in computer software (June 25, 1981 – it has four Golden Aspects).


Most of us do not form corporations so the most important astrological chart most of us ever natalize is our Marriage Chart.  Our Marriage Chart has a life of its own and has a very powerful astrological influence on anything we do while we are married.  While we are married, our Marriage Chart is almost as important as our natal chart.


To back up our point, let us analyze Aaron Spelling’s two marriages.





Aaron Spelling was married twice.  His first marriage was a failure and his career during his first marriage did not have any successes to write home about.   All of Aaron Spelling’s television hits were produced while Aaron Spelling was in his second marriage.


Aaron married his first wife, Carolyn Jones, on April 10, 1953.  It was a very bad astrological day and there was both a Nuclear Clash and a Heartbreak Clash in the sky on that day.   For most of that marriage, Aaron was almost penniless; when Aaron made some money, it was gone to meet expenses.  They were divorced in 1964, with no children.


Below is the Magi Astrology Chart for Aaron Spelling’s failed first marriage.






Aaron Spelling’s first marriage lasted 11 years.  When a Marriage Chart has a Nuclear Clash and a Heartbreak Clash, the marriage would normally not get past the first couple of years.  But in this case, the Marriage Chart had some strengthening influences.


One of the strengths of Spelling’s first Marriage Chart is that it has a Cinderella Aspect (Jupiter was trine to Chiron, represented in the above chart by the green/red line connecting Jupiter and Chiron).


You might be wondering how we interpret charts that have aspects that seem to conflict with each other, such as a Cinderella Aspect and a Heartbreak Aspect.  Magi Astrology has the answer and the answer lies in one of Magi Astrology’s most important principles: The Principle of Aspect Non-Cancellation.






We have been asked many times if a good aspect cancels out a bad aspect.  For example, in the case of Aaron’s first Marriage Chart, does the Cinderella Aspect cancel out the Heartbreak Clash?  Or maybe does the Cinderella Aspect cancel out the Nuclear Clash?


Here is the answer to this very important question: In Magi Astrology:


No aspect ever cancels out another aspect


and every aspect will always have an influence.  This is true for all types of aspects: natal aspects, interaspects and transiting aspects.


A: This means, for example, if the CAC of a couple forms both a Cinderella Linkage and a Heartbreak Clash, the Linkage does not cancel out the Clash but instead the couple will feel BOTH the influences of the Linkage and the Clash.


B: This means if we are having both a Cinderella Transit AND a Heartbreak Transit at the same time, we will feel the effects of both transits at the same time and the Cinderella Transit does not cancel out the Heartbreak Transit.


C: It also means that every natal aspect has an influence and no natal aspect is ever canceled out by any other natal aspect.  For example, if a person were born with both a Super Sexual Aspect and also born with a “shyness aspect”, the person would be both super sexual and shy – which often means shy until you get in bed together.




What this all means is that during Aaron Spelling’s first marriage, he felt both constant love (the Cinderella Aspect) and constant Heartbreak (Heartbreak Clash) and turmoil (Nuclear Clash).


But remember that in Magi Astrology, there is much more to a natal chart than just individual aspects. As we have been explaining for quite a while now, the most important astrological influence on any natal chart is really Planetary Geometry.


In Aaron Spelling’s natal chart of his first marriage, there is a rare symmetrical formation made by Jupiter, Chiron, Saturn and Pluto.  As shown in the above chart, those four planets form a figure that looks a lot like a butterfly – that is one reason why hundreds of years ago in China, the Magi Society gave such a figure the name of IRON BUTTERFLY.


The exact meaning of an Iron Butterfly depends partly on the four individual planets that form the Iron Butterfly.


But every Iron Butterfly formation has a common “symbolism.”  That’s right, each formation of Planetary Geometry has symbolisms.  Just like a planet, an Iron Butterfly has symbolisms.


A person who is born when the planets form an Iron Butterfly will possess both immovable determination and yet have the agility of a butterfly.  The person both can, and often will, move from one career, or lover, to another.  In the case of a marriage, an Iron Butterfly means the marriage will be hard to break off, and be able and willing to make adjustments in pretty much any way necessary to help both of the spouses in the marriage to want to stay married.


The Magi Society Principle of Aspect Non-Cancellation applies also to Planetary Geometry.  In essence, Planetary Geometry is a multiple-planet aspect and so Iron Butterflies, and all forms of Planetary Geometry, act just like aspects and they do not cancel each other out, nor do they cancel out any aspects. nor do any aspects cancel out any forms of Planetary Geometry.


So Aaron Spelling’s first marriage had the two worst aspects (the Heartbreak Clash and the Nuclear Clash), as well as two very good aspects, the Jupiter/Chiron Cinderella Aspect and an Iron Butterfly.  But because this Iron Butterfly includes Saturn, the marriage would not be financially rewarding and it would be excessively controlling.


Most persons cannot break from a marriage born under an Iron Butterfly – but Aaron Spelling was born with a Golden Flying Eagle and Aaron was able to fly away.


After Aaron flew away and got divorced, he met Candy, fell in love again and remarried.  This time, he married on a near-perfect astrological day.







Aaron Spelling married his second wife, Candy, on November 23, 1968.   It was a Cinderella Day.  Actually it was a Double Cinderella Day because there were two Cinderella Aspects in the sky.  


Below is a Magi Astrology Chart of Aaron Spelling’s second marriage.





In the chart above, you can see that in addition to the two Cinderella Aspects, the Marriage Chart also had two Uranian Success Aspects. 


Whenever Jupiter makes a Magical Angle to Uranus, it creates a Uranian Success Aspect meaning Jupiter helps bring success in careers that are rules by Uranus.  As explained in our books, Uranus rules television.


This means Aaron Spelling’s second Marriage Chart possessed the natal aspects Aaron needed to help him to become successful in careers related to television.  Equally important is the fact that there were no Saturn Clashes in the sky when Aaron married the second time, so there were no roadblocks put up by the stars.


On top of all this, Aaron’s Marriage Chart made four Golden Linkages to his natal chart.


To illustrate the four Golden Linkages, below is the astrological chart (CAC) of Aaron Spelling and his second Marriage Chart.  The black planets represent the Marriage Chart (the positions of the planets when Aaron was married) and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when he was born.





Aaron second Marriage Chart made four Golden Linkages to his natal chart.  One of these Golden Linkages, the Venus/Chiron conjunction, is also a Cinderella Linkage and in fact is the Magical Linkage.  (It was a little over three degrees apart.  Our normal orb is 3 degrees but since Venus also is trine Neptune, it means that Venus, Neptune and Chiron becomes a three-planet Romantic Super Linkage.  We consistently have said on this website and in our books that when three planets are synchronized, we allow an orb up to 4 degrees.)


Every Golden Linkage helps you to make money.  Aaron made lots of money during his second marriage.  He holds the Guinness book of records title for most prolific television producer, and his $500 million estate is one of the largest in Hollywood history.


Another very important plus was that Aaron’s second Marriage Chart did not make any Saturn Clashes with his natal chart.  This means that his second marriage not only helped him to make money in television, it also helped Aaron to feel very much satisfied and happy in his marriage – he did not feel a conflict with his marriage and did not stray (meaning he was faithful to his wife).  Aaron was married to Candy until he passed on; they were married for 38 years, which in Hollywood is eternity.





For every Cinderella – there was a perfect natalization.


Bill Gates, Tiger Woods, Aaron Spelling, Sean Connery, Mick Jagger, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, EBay, General Electric, Hugh Hefner, Dan Brown and DaVinci Code are all Cinderella stories. Every Cinderella story is an example of how someone harnessed the power of the stars by natalizing something crucial on a perfect astrological day.  Hard work, determination and good decisions played a factor for sure – but each Cinderella achieved success because of a perfect natalization and the stars were always the decisive factor. 


If Aaron Spelling did not marry Candy on a perfect day, we never would have heard of him – or seen Charlie’s Angels or Dynasty


If Mick Jagger did not join the Rolling Stones on a perfect astrological day, we would not have heard of him or the Rolling Stones.


If Hugh Hefner did not publish the first Playboy Magazine on a perfect astrological day, we would not have heard of him.


If Tiger Woods did not sign his first endorsement contract on a perfect astrological day – etc., etc., etc.


We all love Cinderella stories – and we need Cinderella stories because they give us all hope. Because of Cinderella stories, anyone, even those who live in the ghettos, can go to sleep at night and dream about becoming a Cinderella.


It is the nature of humans to need hope and to have dreams – Divine Providence knows this and He designed astrology to work in such a way that we can all have real hope.


The Magi Society believes that astrology is the Benevolent Design of a Benevolent Providence – astrology is the equalizer and helps us to fulfill our dreams.  We do not need rich parents or an Ivy League education – we need to natalize a crucial event on a perfect astrological day.


No matter how poor our parents are, no matter how bad our natal charts are, no matter how depressing our living conditions are, there is a day out there when the stars are perfect for a natalization that can change our lives and we can fulfill our Cinderella dreams. 


We first have to learn how to do it - and then we have to do it.


We can all do it.  If you master Magi Astrology, you can become a Cinderella.





If you wish to give the world’s best possible wedding gift (to a friend or to yourself), give the gift of a Magi Chosen Wedding Date.  In so doing you will help the marriage to have the best possible chance of happiness, good health and success. 


One of the great things about a gift of a Magi Chosen Wedding Date is that there is no need to change any existing wedding plans.  Here is an example of how it works: if a wedding is already planned for four months from now, and if the Magi Society determines that the planned wedding date is horrible, we would select a great astrological day to get married before the planned wedding.  The couple can have a private marriage ceremony first, and then they can still go through with the existing planned wedding four months later.  From the astrological point of view, the date of the first wedding ceremony that takes place would be the true Marriage Chart – the second wedding ceremony would be merely a renewal of vows.  The reasoning is this: the time of the first wedding vows becomes the Marriage Chart because it is the first time the two got married.


The Magi Society is the largest astrological association in the world.  Our members range from astrology novices to full-time professional astrologers.  We are the only astro-organization that offers everything astrology fans need:


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The Magi Society developed its own software because existing astrology software was woefully inadequate. Can you imagine trying to detect a Flying Eagle with normal astrology software?


Magi Astrology is the most useful astrology available.  One indication of the value of Magi Astrology is that used copies of our books sell for up to 10 times their original cost and are more valuable than any other used astrology books.


If you would like information about the Magi Society, membership benefits, our software or about a consultation with a Certified Magi Astrologer, please click here and send us an email.



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