Fibonacci and Astro Fibonacci Ratios

There is an obvious proof that Magi Astrology Really Works!

The proof is so obvious you can actually see it working day by day, minute by minute, in the financial markets (stock, bond, currency and commodity markets).

For those of you who are fans of Fibonacci Ratios and Retracements, here is a summary of part of this proof:


The main Fibonacci ratios are:




These are remarkably close to the main Planetary Motion Ratios of:

0.3877 and 0.3902


0.6151 and 0.6011

We are not claiming that Planetary Motion Ratios will make you megabucks in stock or commodity trading. We are saying that Fibonacci works because of Planetary Motion Ratios (which we call Astro Fibonacci Ratios).

A Planetary Motion Ratio is the ratio of one planetís PERIOD (time to revolve once around the Sun) and another planetís period. For example:

The period of Venus is 224.70 days.

The period of the Earth is 365.256 days.

The Venus/Earth Planetary Motion Ratio is = 224.7 divided by 365.256 which is:


Or just a mere 0.0029 from being exactly the same as the Fibonacci ratio of 0.618.

The Mercury/Venus Planetary Motion Ratio is = 87.969 divided by 224.7 which is:


Or just a mere 0.0082 from being exactly the same as the Fibonacci ratio of 0.382

Planetary Ratios appear to have an influence on stock markets.† One way to see this is to use a stock chart.† We believe the stock markets will find natural support or resistance at price levels that are predictable using Planetary Ratios.

Below are two charts of the S&P 500 Index:

Above is a five-year chart of the S&P 500 displaying both standard Fibonacci and Astro Fibonacci retracement ratios. Both types of Fibonacci ratios are calculated using the all time high made in October of 2007 and the low made in March of 2009.

The standard Fibonacci retracement levels are represented by the red lines going horizontally accross the whole chart. The Astro Fibonacci ratio levels are marked by the blue lines drawn horizontally accross the rightside of the chart.

There are nineteen primary and secondary Astro Fibonacci ratios; inside the right hand margin of the chart, we have labeled ten of these ratios.

Please examine the above chart, and notice how the stock market "gravitates" to all 19 Astro Fibonacci ratios . Please note that almost always, as the market zigzags, the lows and highs are formed close to one of the 19 Astro Fibonacci levels. It means Astro Fiboancci works and that is the reason standard Fibonacci works.

In most cases, Astro Fibonacci is more precise than standard Fibonacci.

For example, you can see that the Ceres/Jup ratio of 38.8% was more accurate at forecasting support and resistance than the 38.2% standard Fibonacci ratio.

In the chart above, the Ceres/Jup line looks like it is twice as thick as the other blue lines but that is because there are actually two lines there - besides the Ceres/Jup ratio of 38.8% there is also a blue line representing the 39.0% Mercury/Venus ratio. Because these two Astro Fiboancci ratios are nearly exactly the same, they have the combined power of twice the force of any single Astro Fibonacci ratio. These two Astro Fibonacci ratios are what makes the 38.2% standard Fibonacci ratio work.

The chart below is drawn with the Astro Fibonacci ratios reversed. Sometimes, the reversed ratios are also very helpful indicators of natural support and resistance.


Because Astro Fibonacci Works

Since the 1980's, traders have used the five standard Fibonacci ratios to calculate useful support and resistance levels. Since the 1980's, astute traders have known Fibonacci ratios worked but never knew why they worked. It was a mystery - the Fibonacci Mystery.

But recently, the Magi Society discovered that every one of the five Fibonacci ratios was nearly exactly the same as an Astro Fibonacci ratio - Fibonacci works because Astro Fibonacci works. This is confirmed by the fact that all Astro Fibonacci ratios are useful for predicting support and resistance levels.

The Magi Society offers the only Financial Astrology software program that helps you to take advantage of both Astro Fibonacci and standard Fibonacci; if you are interested in obtaining information about this software program, please click the link below and send us an email.

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