November 9, 2006



Traditional Astrology is the astrology of “Signs and Houses.”  Traditional Astrology is the astrology you read about in horoscope columns and all over the Internet.


Traditional Astrology is often entertaining to read.  But we advise you to not take Traditional Astrology seriously because Traditional Astrology cannot help you. 


In fact, Traditional Astrology is actually misleading and harmful.  This is because Traditional Astrology is full of superstitions and fallacies and it is much too vague. 


Another huge shortcoming is that the basic foundations of Traditional Astrology are so simplistic that they cannot possibly explain anything complex.  Since every love relationship is complicated, it means that Traditional Astrology is almost worthless.


For example, Traditional Astrology has never been able to predict or explain why so many couples fall in love, get married, appear to be very happy, but then end up with heartbreak and divorce.


Traditional Astrologers keep telling us it is possible to explain every relationship because certain combinations of Sun signs get along while others do not.  But if that is the case, why do so many couples first fall in love but then fall out of love and they suffer heartbreak?  After all, Traditional Astrology does not claim that some pairings of Sun signs fall in love and then out of love.


That is not all. There are so many other common types of personal relationships that Traditional Astrology just cannot hope to explain – for examples:


  •          They love each other but they do not really get along and are opposites

  •          He loves her and enjoys being with her a lot but he just won’t commit

  •          She loves him but she does not really like him

  •          They love each other and sex is great but he just cannot stay faithful


    Etc., etc.


    The above are examples of common place relationships, we all know someone who has been in such relationships.  But Traditional Astrology is so limited  that it cannot possibly explain any of them.


    Traditional Astrology approaches everything with an “either / or” system of analysis.  But human love relationships are much too complex and they are never “either / or.”


    For example, the love union of Paul McCartney and Heather Mills was initially a famous Cinderella Story – but now their relationship has changed direction and has turned into an infamous Heartbreak Nightmare.  At first, McCartney and Mills fell in love –but then they fell out of love after four years of marriage and now they are in a bitter divorce war


    Traditional Astrology is totally lost in deep outer space whenever it tries to explain anything like this.


    But Magi Astrology provides us with the astrological tools necessary to understand any relationship.


    Magi Astrology not only explains this type of heartbreak relationship; it even gives us the ability to help us to make sure that we ourselves will not suffer from heartbreak.


    Because Magi Astrology is able to understand any relationship, no matter how complex, Magi Astrology has to be comprehensive.  For this reason, Magi Astrology may not seem easy to learn but it actually is very easy to learn – it just takes a little more time to learn it. But it is more than worth the effort.





    From 1995 until 1999, the Magi Society concluded the most extensive research ever to be conducted into the astrology of love.  We included over 50 thousand couples in this research.


    We made some breakthrough discoveries and revealed them in our third book, Magi Astrology: the Key to Success in Love and Money.  The book is over 400 pages (you may download for free the first 300 pages by clicking here).


    To help you to easily learn how to apply our discoveries in the astrology of love, we formulated ten clear principles we call the Ten Magi Principles of Love, and we posted them two years ago on this website.  If you would like to study all ten of the Magi Principles of Love, please click here to learn about all of them). 





    If Paul McCartney had consulted Certified Magi Astrology about Heather, he could have avoided Heartbreak because:


    The third Magi Principle of Love reads as follows:


    Magi Principle Three About Love: If you meet someone for the first time while you are having a Heartbreak Transit, it is likely any relationship with this new person will end up inflicting a heartbreak on you.  This is true even if you are also having any Cinderella Transit(s) at the time.


    This rule has been proven over and over again - Madonna and Sean Penn make a perfect example. (As explained in our Members' Only Website). 


    Paul McCartney and Heather Mills are now another perfect example of the validity of Magi Principle Three About Love.  By using this principle, we know that Paul’s relationship with Mills would most likely result in Heartbreak because Paul first met Mills when he was having a Heartbreak Transit.


    Paul McCartney met Heather Mills for the first time on June 1, 1999.  Below is a CAC depicting his transits on that day – the black planets represent the positions of the planets when Paul was born and the red planets represent the positions of the transiting planets on June 1, 1999, the day Paul first met Heather.




    As you can readily see, on June 1, 1999, transiting Saturn was square to Paul McCartney’s natal Chiron. This is the Heartbreak Transit. But it was not an ordinary Heartbreak Transit; it was a particularly bad Heartbreak Transit because it did not go away quickly.  Instead it came back and it came back again.  During the next eight months, as the result of retrograde motion, transiting Saturn made a total of three exact squares to Paul’s natal Chiron, thus making three Heartbreak Transits. 


    (The Magi Society calls this type of Heartbreak Transit a Looped Heartbreak Transit because Saturn sort of makes an imaginary loop around natal Chiron due to that fact Saturn first moves direct, then retrograde and finally Saturn goes direct again.)


    A Looped Heartbreak Transit is the worst Heartbreak Transit we can have.  Unfortunately, Paul was having his Looped Heartbreak Transit when he first met Heather and for the next eight months.  This means Paul was having a Looped Heartbreak Transit when he thought he fell in love with her, when they first made love, and when he introduced her to his children in January of 2000.


    The Heartbreak Transit is insidious; indeed it is demonic.  At first the Heartbreak Transit deceives you into thinking you are in love.  Then it makes you fall out of love and breaks your heart.


    But you can avoid heartbreak by never letting a Heartbreak Transit get the better of you.





    Traditional Astrology does not have the tools to help us understand relationships.  In all of Traditional Astrology, there is nothing comparable to Magi Astrology’s Heartbreak Transit.  Traditional Astrology is so backward that it has never offered any methodology for trying to explain how a couple at first fall in love but then they fall out of love.  But people fall in and out of love all the time.


    However, Magi Astrology has the answer.  That is why many of our tens of thousands of fans say that Magi Astrology has made some of the most important discoveries in the history of astrology.


    The Heartbreak Transit is another example of why astrologers should be focusing their attention on the alignments of the planets, instead of houses and signs.  The planets were aligned horribly for Paul and now he has been suffering Heartbreak for the last six months.





    Perhaps one reason Traditional Astrologers have never discovered the Heartbreak Transit is because they do not have the software needed to easily see the how transiting planets align with natal planets.  When the Magi Society began its research project into the astrology of love ten years ago we had the same problem.  We were using regular astrology software and we could not see the alignments of the planets.  So we had to develop our own software for astrology. 


    Our first software program was MagiSoft.  We now are using MagiAstroSoft, which is our third generation of astrology software. We give anyone who joins the Magi Society a free basic version of MagiAstroSoft – the program is very versatile and fans of Traditional Astrology will love it because in addition to Magi techniques, the program gives you the ability to utilize the most popular house systems.


    Besides getting free astrology software, our members receive access to our Members Only Website, which has lessons on Magi Astrology that are not available elsewhere.  And our most serious members may join our free Certification Program to truly learn Magi Astrology and perhaps build a career as a Certified Magi Astrologer (either full or part time).


    We also offer our members the opportunity to purchase the Magi Society’s Professional Interpretations Upgrades for our software programs.  With a moderate amount of study plus these Interpretation Upgrades, you can be better than any Traditional Astrologer because Magi Astrology is the most useful and accurate form of astrology available anywhere.


    If you would like information about the Magi Society, the benefits of membership plus details about our software program, please click here and send us an email.





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