May 23, 2008


Last week on Oprah, Barbara Walters revealed that she had a multi-year secret affair with Senator Edward Brooke that began in 1973.  When Winfrey asked Walters if she was in love, Barbara was taken by surprise and blurted out “I don't know -- I was certainly infatuated."


In Walters new book, Audition, she claimed the affair began when Senator Brooke took her to lunch in the Senate dining room and he "flirted excessively."


She also wrote:


"Ed Brooke was simply the most attractive, sexiest, funniest, charming, and impossible man … I was excited, fascinated, intrigued, and infatuated."


Ed Brooke is an African-American and was the first African-American to be elected by popular vote to the US Senate.  He was a moderate Republican and represented Massachusetts from 1966 to 1978. 


During the time Barbara says they had their long-term affair, he was married to Remigia Ferrari-Scacco, an Italian woman he met in Italy while in the Army.


Barbara says that after carrying on a super secret affair for two years, Barbara finally decided to break off their relationship and told Senator Brooke the reason she wanted to end their relationship was the secrecy and that he was married.  She said he then told her he was willing to ask his wife for a divorce.  But she decided to move on.


Barbara told us her side of the story and we are sure that she fudged some of the facts to suit her own image – doesn't everyone do that in an autobiography?


So what really happened?


The answer is always in the stars.  And we can learn these answers through the Magical Lens of Magi Astrology.


In fact, with the help of Magi Astrology, we can know some things about their relationship that even Barbara and Senator Brooke do not know.



Why Barbara Walters and Ed Brooke Never Married


One of the most important questions anyone ever wants astrology to answer is “Whom will I marry?”


Traditional Astrology simply is not able to accurately answer that question.  Anyone who has thoroughly tested Traditional Astrology already knows how dismally it fails in matters of love, sex and money.


But the Magical Lens of Magi Astrology tells us the most likely outcome of any relationship. Proof of this are the many, many examples on this website.


By using the simple and logical principles of Magi Astrology, we know a lot more than anyone else about the Walters-Brooke affair.  We know some things that even Barbara and Ed did not know.


For example, we know that their affair would not lead to marriage and they were not soulmates. They were never really in love – not ever.  But they sure had great sex together.  And they were very compatible and got along great.  They could communicate great together; they understood each other, could discuss anything and had very few big fights.  They also felt bonded and drawn to each other.   But ultimately, they simply were not soulmates and marriage was not ever in the stars.


We know all this by using Magi Astrology.  All we need is their birth dates and to analyze their CACs.  But in this case, their important CAC is in the Heliocentric Sky so we have to use Heliocentric Magi Astrology.


Below is their Heliocentric CAC.  The black planets represent the positions of the planets in the Heliocentric sky when Barbara Walters was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets in the Heliocentric sky when Ed Brooke was born.





In the above CAC, it is easy to see that Barbara Walters and Senator Brooke formed lots of Grand Trines. In Magi Astrology, each Grand Trine in a CAC is a sign of high compatibility, but the precise nature of the compatibility that a Grand Trine creates depends on the actual planets that form it. 




In the case of Walters and Senator Brooke, they had two sets of Grand Trines (one set is illustrated above by the green lines and the other by the purple lines.  We will refer to them as the green set of Grand Trines or the purple set of Grand Trines). 


The green set of Grand Trines is sexual in nature, because they are formed by Juno and Mars, both of which are Sexual Planets.  Because Juno is the most sexual of all the planets, their Juno Grand Trines created irresistible sexual attraction, and they were highly compatible sexually. Therefore, we know for a fact they had great sex together.  This makes sense since almost all long-term infidelity is built on great sex.


The purple set of Grand Trines is very different in nature than the green Grand Trines.  The purple Grand Trines were Saturnine in nature because Saturn formed these Grand Trines.  In fact, both persons’ Saturns form these Grand Trines.  In the purple Grand Trines, there are two Saturn Bonds that form the purple set of Grand Trines – the two are Senator Brooke’s Saturn conjunct Barbara’s Neptune, and Barbara’s Saturn trine Senator Brooke’s Earth. These two Saturn Bonds create mutual Entrapment – the result is that it is difficult for either person to break away from the other.  This mutual Entrapment is one big reason they stayed together for so long in spite of the difficult conditions, such as the secrecy, which can really be depressing. (Of course another big reason they carried on their affair for so long is the great sex.)


Here is another characteristic of Saturn Grand Trines in CACs – Saturn is cold and calculating. So the Saturn Grand Trines infused their relationship with the ability to be cold and calculating.  But this helped them to be able to keep their affair a secret since secrecy requires being cold and calculating.


The purple Grand Trines in their CAC also included Mercury, the ruler of communication, so they were compatible in being able to talk about anything and enjoying verbal discourse with each other.  This is an essential ingredient of true compatibility.  No doubt this helped them to have a long affair.


But by far the most important detail about all their Grand Trines is that none of them included Chiron, the ruler of true love and marriage.  And this is a main astrological reason they did not marry.


Another reason they did not marry is something we did not illustrate with lines on the above CAC. Take a moment and see if you can spot what we are talking about.


Did you find it?


It is a Heartbreak Clash. Brooke’s Saturn is contra-parallel to her Chiron.  This tells us their relationship would end in heartbreak. 


There were other astrological reasons they broke up, the most important of which is that they had much more Juno linkages than Chiron Linkages.  This means that they were unlikely to ever marry and their intimate relationship was never going to go beyond a sexual affair, no matter how long it lasted.


We know this because of the discoveries the Magi Society had made over ten years ago as a result of extensive research.



The Magi Society Successfully Concluded the

Most Extensive Research Ever Conducted

About the Astrology of Love and Sex and

Made Monumental Discoveries


Well over a decade ago, the Magi Society completed the most extensive research ever conducted into the astrology of love and sex; we analyzed more than 50,000 couples.  The project was called the Tien Dee Project (in Chinese, Tien Dee means Heaven and Earth, or universal – the Magi Society was founded in China a very long time ago.)


As a result of this research, we made the single most important discovery in the astrology of LOVE. We found out that Chiron is the planet that rules romantic attraction, true love, marriage, pregnancy and the soulmate. 


We also made the single most important discovery in the astrology of SEX.  We learned that Juno rules sexual attraction, the mistress, infidelity and affairs based on sex rather than love. 


We also discovered that the more Juno interaspects a couple has, the less likely they are to get married. In fact, if a couple has more Juno linkages than Chiron linkages, it is highly unlikely they will ever marry.


This discovery is the basis of what the Magi Society calls the Rule of Chiron Dominance Versus Juno Dominance, which states:






CACs that are dominated by Chiron Linkages have Chiron Dominance, and CACs that are dominated by Juno Interaspects have Juno Dominance.


Chiron is ruler of romantic attraction, soulmates, true love, marriage, as well as children born within a marriage.


Juno rules sexual attraction, the mistress, affairs that do not lead to marriage, as well as children born outside of marriage. 


Juno does not promote marriage and is the antithesis of marriage.


When a couple’s CAC has Juno Dominance, the two persons are unlikely to ever marry.  Marriages are most likely to occur between couples whose CACs have Chiron Dominance.




Barbara Walters and Senator Brooke’s affair is a good example of Juno Dominance and their affair is an example of how Juno Dominance correctly predicted their affair would not lead to marriage. 


The relationship of Walters and Brooke is picture-perfect Magi Astrology.   


Barbara Walters and Senator Ed Brooke formed just one Chiron linkage in their Heliocentric CAC (Chiron conjunct Earth) but they had three powerful Juno linkages and Juno formed two Grand Trines.  Obviously, they had Juno Dominance in their Heliocentric CAC.  So they were not meant to get married.


So now, you know the astrological reasons why Barbara Walters and Senator Ed Brooke had a long-term affair but never married.  And we know all of this from their Heliocentric CAC.  But of course no astrological analysis of a couple’s relationship would be complete without the geocentric CAC. 


Below is the geocentric CAC for Barbara Walters and Senator Ed Brooke.  The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Barbara Walters was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Senator Brooke was born.





Their geocentric CAC shows nothing extraordinary.


Barbara’s Sun is opposed to Senator Brooke’s Chiron and her Chiron is square to his Neptune; both are Romance Clashes, which are signs they will not fall in love.  In their geocentric CAC, the only astrological attraction they had was Chiron trine Mars and Chiron quincunx Juno.  They had no Sexual Linkages, no Romance Linkages, and as many clashes as linkages.


If we examined only their geocentric CAC, we would not have understood why they were ever involved at all. This fact demonstrates the importance of Heliocentric charts.  Heliocentric charts are an essential part of true astrology – but Traditional Astrologers are totally ignorant about Heliocentric astrology and avoid it like the plague.  None of the major astrological associations promote Heliocentric Astrology.  Only the Magi Society teaches how to interpret Heliocentric charts. Only the Magi Society really knows how to use Heliocentric charts.  For the Magi Society, it is simple because in Magi Astrology, what works in geocentric astrology also works in Heliocentric Astrology. 










Traditional Astrology cannot do this because it cannot utilize its geocentric techniques to a Heliocentric chart.  Traditional Astrology relies on houses, the Moon, the ascendant and Midheaven, and none of these exist in the Heliocentric sky. 


To make matters worse for Traditional Astrology, especially its Sun Sign Astrology branch, there is no Sun in the Heliocentric sky, and the Heliocentric Earth (equivalent of the Sun) is never in the same sign as the Sun.  For example, a person born in Leo was born with Earth in Aquarius.  This sort of thing drives Traditional Astrologers nuts so they reject Heliocentric Astrology altogether.  What they should do is reject their techniques since they do not work.


Only Magi Astrology Really Works!


All the problems that Traditional Astrology has with Heliocentric astrology are signs that Traditional Astrology Does Not Work Well At All. 



Barbara Walters Was A Super Sexual Woman


Barbara Walters claimed that Senator Brooke “flirted excessively” with her.   She made herself out to be a proper woman who simply was seduced.  Should we believe her?


Absolutely not.


Barbara Walters was the aggressor in the relationship – she initiated the flirting and sexual contact.


We know this from Barbara’s natal chart.  She was born with a Super Sexual Aspect in her geocentric chart – she has Juno parallel Mars.  Mars is a Sexual Planet but it is also the planet of urgency and aggressiveness.  When Mars is coupled with Juno, the Super Sexual Planet, together they create an insuppressible urge for sex at any cost.


This does not mean Brooke had to be dragged kicking and screaming – it just means Barbara probably said something like “I know you want me Ed so let’s arrange for a hotel room and I am sure we will have a great time.”


This scenario is confirmed by Barbara’s Heliocentric natal aspect of Juno trine Uranus.  The Juno/Uranus trine tells us that Brooke was definitely not Barbara’s only affair with a married man.  Not by a long shot.  Uranus is symbolic of what is worldwide and universal; add Uranus to Juno and you get a person who has sexual affairs almost universally and worldwide. Hey, Walters was flirting with Fidel Castro on-camera when she interviewed him.





Magi Astrology is the only form of astrology that actually helps you to improve your life.  When you master Magi Astrology, you know the most probable outcome of any relationship, including your own.  And you do not have to wait until you make a mistake in a deep relationship to know things about other people.  With Magi Astrology, you could not know for sure beforehand what anyone really is like.


With Magi Astrology, you can improve your love life and your career; and you can avoid heartbreaks in both love and business.  Even better, Magi Astrology helps you fulfill your dreams, find true love and make more money.  This all may sound like quite an exaggeration but please judge for yourself.  We invite you to a free download of the first 14 chapters of our third book by clicking here.  Reading these chapters is the best way to begin to learn Magi Astrology.





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